IIf you have completed an EduOpen course and you are passionate about the subject, this is an opportunity to deepen it and to help other students in the study and learning path.
The Mentor (or Peer-Tutor) is an important figure. He is a student who helps other students, who answers their doubts and guides them throughout the journey.
Furthermore, by answering the questions of the other students you have the opportunity to deepen the discipline and critically rethink the contents of the course. It's a way to keep learning!

What would my main responsibilities be?

  • Answering learner questions in the discussion forums
  • Posting new threads to spark in-depth discussion
  • Passing feedback to EduOpen staff

How much of my time will it take?

  • It depends on you! You can choose between different types of Mentoring program. A “Soft” one or a “Deep mentor program”
  • Roughly 3 hours per week for a “deep” collaboration and a 3 months initial term

What are the benefits of joining the program?

  • Deeper understanding of subject materials through constant discussion
  • Build connections with fellow learners and Mentors around the world
  • Develop your leadership and mentoring skills
  • Give back by helping other learners work through courses
  • Being recognized in the community as the official ​ EduOpen Tutor​ (your name will always be reported in the forums in which you conduct the role of animator)
  • Receiving EduOpen Coupons to certificate your knowledge
  • Receving EduOpen Badges to share your experience