Translating the video lessons published on EduOpen into several languages ​​is an important step towards the full accessibility of the courses both from an international audience and, for the courses in a foreign language, to Italian users. The translated lessons can be made available to all users to facilitate their study having available a written text to download as well as being used as subtitles for people with sensory deficits. Your small gesture can greatly improve the usability of our courses.

The translation at least in English and Spanish (as well as in Italian for courses in English) is an important step towards the full internationalization of EduOpen and your contribution will be very important!

What would my main responsibilities be?

  • Provide high-quality subtitle translations for EduOpen course lectures (EduOpen Translator)
  • Review existing translations to ensure quality and accuracy (EduOpen Reviser)

How much of my time will it take?

  • As much or as little as you like
  • Work on translations whenever you have spare time

What are the benefits of joining the program?

  • Actively contribute in making the EduOpen platform accessible to a larger number of learners from around the world
  • Being recognized in the community as ​ EduOpen Official Translator​ (your name will always appear on your translations). We value your talent!
  • Build connections with a like-minded international community that is passionate about translation and learning
  • Leadership opportunities are available by becoming a EduOpen Language Coordinator of your language translation community
  • Receiving EduOpen Coupons to certificate your knowledge
  • Receving EduOpen Badges to share your experience